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Backup sensitive data to encrypted CD

Save money. No safe. No guards. 

Create encrypted backups on CD/DVD using Master Voyager. Encrypted discs can be kept in public and insecure locations.

In the event of theft of loss, encrypted compact disc with confidential information on it will remain confidential.

Ultra secure data confidentiality. Master Voyager uses strong encryption of all data utilising AES 256-bit protection which is used to protect the most sensitive information of the U.S.Government and commercial organizations including banks.

Master Voyager includes embedded CD/DVD/BD burning module to create encrypted DVD or CD discs. Simply select files/folders you need to securely store on any mainstream storage media and let Master Voyager do the rest.

Work with encrypted CD without continuous period of data decryption. No need to decrypt files on CD/DVD/BD before use. Simply enter password and work with any document as usual.


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Sending secured DVD

This solution is recommended to non-tec savvy users, or those looking to make a good impression such as when sending secured DVD’s by snail mail to customers or business partners for example.