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Undestanding the interface state

The screenshot below displays the Master Voyager interface after adding new secure zone to CD.

empty encrypted cd


It is important to understant the icons displayed in the application interface in this state.

You see the HDD caption on the added Secure Zone button. It means, that secure zone is currently located in the temporary folder on your HDD. It has not burned to the CD yet.

We need to add files to the secure zone before we burn it to the cd.

IMPORTANT: Please note, after burning all data to the CD, it will be impossible to modify content of the secure zone: impossible to rename, remove files in the secure zone. Impossible to add new files to the secure zone. So, it is very important to plane the layout and structure of the secure zone.

When clicking the Down Arrow - the list of operations of current secure zone is displayed.

operations on secure cd

By clicking the new zone icon on the toolbar you activate it in the active files pane and activates the zone navitation tree on the left.

Now, we created empty secure zone, but now it is time to add files to the Secure Zone.


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