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Add files to the secure zone on secure USB Flash Drive

Activate the newly created secure zone in the active files panel.

Click the zone button on the toolbar to activate it.

secure zone on secure usb flash drive

Currently, our zone is empty (when you clicked it, it has been mounted as drive O:)

list of secure zones on secure usb flash drives

list of operations on secure usb flash drive

Drag and drop files from the inactive files pane to the active files pane.

Drag files from external application (for ex. Windows Explorer) to the O:\ files panel.

Click the white space and choose "Create Folder..." to create subfolder in the Secure Zone.

files and folders on secure usb flash drive

On the screenshot above we created two folders Documents and Music and added 61 mb of files there and added several JPEG files to the root folder of the secure zone.

Done! You've created secure zone on the USB Flash Drive and added files to the zone. Now click Return and close drive. After that the password will be required to open secure zone.


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