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The concept


From the view of Master Voyager - Every CD or USB Flash Drive consists of one Public Area (Unsecure Zone) and 0 (zero) or more secure zones.

The Unsecure Zone is unencrypted one and available for everyone. It consists of all available space on the media with all its files and folders.

The Secure Zone is an encrypted area on media available to the owner of the zone only (the person who knows secret password). It also presents in the Public Area in form of encrypted container file.

When firstly loaded into Master Voyager, the media constists of Unsecure Zone only (whole media space). After loading, Master Voyager can create one on more secure zones on the media and copy all sensitive files to the secure zone.

When adding secure zone, Master Voyagers adds special firmware to the protected media, conststing of Mobile Voyager and Partition Explorer. The firmware is used by recipients of the encrypted CD/user of the encrypted USB flash drive on other computers (where Master Voyager is not installed).

The recipient of the encrypted CD of the user of encrypted usb flash drive - inserts it into the CDROM drive or connects to the USB port and the Firmware is automatically/manually launched and asks password for every secure zone on the CD/USB. When password provided, the secure zone is unlocked by firmware and presents to the user in the form of regular removable hard drive (Y:, Z: etc) so it is possible to work with files in the secure zone as with files on regular hdd, i.e. open, edit, launch, watch media files and etc.


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